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High Quality Fruits

At SAF Peru we count with a Global Gap certification and we just work with growers who share the vision on good agricultural practices and therefore have an ecological approach. This way our growers can guarantee a continuous stable quality.

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Competitive Prices

At SAF Peru we look to have the most efficient practices. Always guaranteeing the growers a fair price for their products while keeping competitive with the market.

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Stable Supply

At SAF Peru we produce and work with other producers in an strategic alliance in order to be able to offer enough products to supply the needs of the international markets.


SAF Peru (Sustainable Andean Fruits of Peru) is a company dedicated to the production and importation of Premium quality Peruvian tropical fruits for the European Market. Our objective is to produce the best quality products to supply the international market, while empowering the member of the association`s producers to adapt sustainable practices in order to keep a continuous production on high standards. This way we can guarantee the constant supply to the international markets.

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